Thursday, December 5, 2013

What did we do to deserve this?

My right now solution to stabilize this mess. 

  1. Fire the coach. I'm Capuano's biggest fan. And I think this team needs stability in the leadership positions for credibility. And look what bad coaching did to Duchene in Colorado, no problems like that for Capuano and Tavares. But 5 ROW is 5 ROW. And from an untrained eye, they don't seem to have changed the forward strategy much even with a horrible defense. That's all coaching. 
  2. If somehow possible, trade Vanek in a deal for a defender. A real defender. Someone has to need a 35ish goal scorer. Include Bailey in exchange for another change of scene player. Bailey is another favorite of mine, but he's slow, not making skill plays anymore, not checking. 
  3. If Vanek gone, put Nelson on 1st line. He looked great and the PP worked when Vanek was injured. 
  4. Cut Regin. Call up Strome. Shuffle Strome, Grabner, Nielsen, Clutterbuck, Bouchard, C. MacDonald and whoever they get for Bailey. 
  5. Run with Anders Nilsson in goal. I'm sorry, but I can't blame the St. Louis goals on him. Ya, the rebound in front of Roy wasn't great, but Roy had to dig that out while two defenders decided not to clear it. Backes walked in and took an uncontested shot from the blue-line. Pajavri was just doing a stick-handling drill in the crease thanks to the defense. 
  6. Keep DeHaan around 20 mins. DO NOT over-extend him like A.MacDonald and Hamonic. 
  7. Dial back Hamonic and A.MacDonald. They are shot. You don't even notice Hamomic on the ice. There are maybe 7 Defensemen in the whole league who can really handle 25+ minutes a game. There's no shame in 3 and 47 being 20 minute defensemen. It's bad coaching and management to over-expose them so bad, regardless of injuries. 


  1. Harry...You've presented a bunch of reasonable assumptions and suggestions, although one never knows unless one is right there on the ice during practice.
    You seem to have a good handle on the recent problems, but the solutions seem to almost always defy management. It's very discouraging considering the rapid improvement through April last season.

  2. I agree with you there. I wrote about today's decision/s and my disagreement with them. Appreciate the comment and I hope you come back to the site again.