Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Isles v Sharks - 12.10.13 - Post Game Thoughts Islanders

1. Poulin. Repaid some faith I've had in him. See my post from a few days ago. Hopefully that was just a cramp or a hamstring pull. That knee injury from when he first came up scares me. I thought he may have been "Dipietro'd" on that play http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHlHOBZLN5E . The puck marks on Poulin's jersey were hilarious to see.

2. Tavares, not much more needs to be said. Nice to see him win that faceoff back to Okposo, that's an important part of JT's game.

3. Ness - He really stepped up in the second half of that game. Funny to see a new level of confidence skating with the puck from 55 against such a good team. His value will be in able to skate like that every game. I remember reading scouting reports saying that was his strength at Minn.

4. deHaan. First, his play has just been great. Smooth, gets rid of the puck quick. Hits guys in stride. Nice to see. Taking a huge load off of Hamonic and MacDonad's shoulders.

5. Grabner looked more active. Baby steps hopefully.

6. The Sharks are good. Top two lines are big, fast, skilled, impressive team.

7. Last thought, I'm fine with a happy reaction after tying it and then winning, but they better not come out flat against PHX on Thursday acting like they accomplished something. This isn't the same PHX team they blew the doors off of in October.

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