Thursday, February 16, 2012

P.A. Parenteau and tonight's game

Morning thoughts on P.A.

-interesting  how his agent's P.R. push might be painting his client in a bit of a bad light. Make no mistake, every agent is trying to get the most money for his client, and PA should get paid. But compared to how it was handled last year with PA (not leaking story to TSN) and how the other Islanders signed their contracts (quietly, and everyone got paid), Parenteua going public with contract issues (after one JT driven season, although he's distinguished himself this year) just doesn't mesh will with this team and seems like it's going to build some bad publicity. My only recent example is looking at Jason Blake. He exploded with the Islanders, and fit very well with the system. We saw him move with the money (as he should have), but he was never put in the same positions to succeed as he had on Long Island, and got bogged down tremendously with the expectations (at least in the media). I doubt Blake is upset though, he's done very well for himself. For the record, he's one of my favorite Islanders and the goal he scored off of a Yashin blind spin pass to the slot is still one of my top-5 Islander goals.

-That leads me to my next point, that other teams will not allow PA to have the role he has with the Isles, mostly, what I mean is the leeway to make a few mistakes. Pure opinion, but I can see PA getting a nice contract somewhere, having a bad few weeks, and be buried on the PP and most likely on a 3rd line. For better or worse, he gets to work the kinks out with the Isles and the "good credit" he built up with the Isles allows him some leeway. This may all be moot if PA is swayed to get his pay day and worry about the hockey later, which is fine to me because I can't say I wouldnt do the same, I just think it's noteworthy that he likely won't have an opportunity and role like he has with the Islanders.

-Tonight's game - I'm always interested in watching St.Louis because they have alot of high draft picks but not the top 3s, more in the range where we have been picking. It's been a slow re-build for them, but they've taken a leap this year (with outside goaltending - small comparison to Nabby helping us, but only to a point). As a Mets fan, I'm a bit jealous of how St. Louis fans moved off a World Series right into this dominating season in hockey, but that's where us met-islander fans are now.

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